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The Dream Company, LLC, "Dream" is a multi-faceted insurance solutions company providing, brokers, plan sponsors, administrators, and participants end-to-end cutting-edge technology, as well as increased efficiency in internal workflows. "Dream" has revolutionized the insurance industry, replacing legacy systems with our state-of-the-art GENi Technologies system evolved to 21th century market trends.
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Help protect and create financial security for your family and loved ones. We can teach you how you can afford $150,000 of term life coverage without spending a penny beyond your budget. The savings for this coverage are found right in your present budget. We can’t tell you enough how valuable Term Life Insurance can be to financial planning.

Current Program Example

The National Black Church Initiative (NBCI) and The Dream Company have teamed up to make it easy and, most importantly, affordable, for you to purchase a term life insurance plan that will help protect your loved ones and help strengthen your financial future.  View the NBCI Press Release > |  www.nbcifinancialsecurity.com >

Video: Rev. Evans explains the importance of the 7 year plan